Cusco produce

"native corn"

The Sacred Valley´s corn is one of the most delicious in Peru

"Huancaro Fair"

There are about 3,000 varieties of potato

"Huancaro Fair"

However, about 30 has commercial potential

"Huancaro Fair"

Aguaymanto fruit. Huancaro Fair is open until June 30

"Huancaro Fair"

Huancaro Fair is held every year in June

"Huancaro Fair"

The alpaca to the right resembles a muppet

"Huancaro Fair"

Alpaca Suri: the best of all due to her long wool

"Huancaro Fair"

The gorgeous vicuña

"Huancaro Fair"

The Andes delicacy: the guinea pig, please do not hide.

"Huancaro Fair"

Children can also have fun at the Huancaro Fair

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