Cusco Food

Last week, I attended a food fair where I had the great chance to indulge myself with a few local dishes.

In this post, I will share a few pictures of local food.

"Peruvian Cuisine"

Locro de langostinos

"Peruvian Cuisine"

Picante huareño from the community Cahusan Willcamayo

"Peruvian Cuisine"

Preparing chicharron from pork

"Peruvian Cuisine"

Sarsa de patita con criadilla (cool food)

"Peruvian Cuisine"

Tarpu or tapuy uchu made of quinoa from Ccapi and Huaro town, Quispicanchis

"Peruvian Cuisine"

Adobo made with aji colorado from Calca town

"Peruvian Cuisine"

Cheese from the province of Canas

"Peruvian Cuisine"

Lechón de cordero and a pretty girl from Espinar province

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