Andean people gather together today august 1 in order to thank the Pachamama or Mother Earth.
Thus, a group of locals and foreigners met at a countryside place called Fortaleza (Fortress though there isn´t any, actually) to the north of the archaeological site of Sacsayhuaman where Andean priests from ancient communities such as Q´eros and Ausangate held a traditional ritual to worship our land or soil and to take consciousness of our role to protect her too.

"Mother Earth´s Day in Cusco"
Participants should bring something such as coca, wine, flowers, etc

This offering which is also known as Pachamama Raymi (this means feast) was also held at Catcca in the province of Canchis as well as at the site of Moray where this feast is called Wata Qatallariy.

It is common to prepare Watia today. Potatoes and ocas are cooked by hot boulders of soil which have been previously heated in oven made of the very boulders.

In Moray, peasants also prepare dishes such as manka chicharro, merienda and roasted guinea pig. They also say that today is the beginning of the Andean agricultural year.

"Mother Earth´s Day in Cusco"
Preparing the watia

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