Sexy woman? Sí!

In this post, I will show you how to get to Sacsayhuaman. It is just easy!

It is just 1.5 km from Cusco´s main square and there are three ways to get it.

1. On Foot:

The most rewarding way from my backpacker´s point of view is on foot.

It will take you about 50 minutes to reach this site passing by the Plaza Nazarenas and following Pumacurco street and up the steep ancient Inca trail (see the Map below).

At both entrances you will find guides who charge about S/30 for a 45-minute tour for up to four people.

2. On My Own, But…

On four wheels. Another way is by taxi or bus.

It is just 10-minute taxi ride from the town center and the rate is utmost S/10 (approx US$4).

On the other hand, if you want to taste how locals travel take a kind of van called “combi” with the name on the roof or sideways “Cristo Blanco” or “Señor del Huerto” (the fee is S/0.60). Ask directions to the bus station at your hotel´s frontdesk officer as it is not around the center.

3. I Like Comfort:

Last but not least, you can take an organized tour with a travel agency.

This site is part of the city tour which costs between US$12 to US$25 per person on average and includes transportation and guide only. It starts after midday and lasts half day.

Take Your Boleto Turístico:

By the way, admission is with Boleto Turístico which you can buy at this very site. Visits are from 7am to 6pm. Night sightseeing is no longer permitted.

One way or the other, you will recognize that Sacsayhuaman is worth not only a look but a in-depth sightseeing of at least one hour and even much more. Soon, I will give you further details and pictures.


This site is just 1.5km from Cusco´s main square


Entrance to Sacsayhuaman is with Boleto Turístico only

And let´s face it:  it is very likely you end up forgetting all the quechua names of the sites you visit in Cusco, but Machu Picchu, of course. Neither does Sacsayhuamán as you will hear locals or guides name it “sexy woman“.

Anyway, this site is the most impressive and closest to Cusco of the Inca ruins.

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