You pay more; I pay less…or nothing


My friend from Spain was about to pay her round trip flight Lima – Cajamarca (1) on-line, when she realized there were two different fares: one for Peruvians and other for foreign passengers.

Expensive Ticket:
At first, I thought this would be happening due to the fact that there is only one airline that flies from Lima to Cajamarca. However, I was surprised to find out that this airline (LAN) applies the same policy in Cusco even though three other airlines fly to this city.

These three companies are Star Peru, Taca, and Peruvian Airlines, and fortunately, the fare of them are the same for Peruvians as well as for foreigners.

In Lan´s office, I was told that the aim of this policy was to promote round trip domestic flights. For example, a round trip Cusco – Lima on september 30 costs US$124.48 for a Peruvian citizen. The same flight on the same date is US$379.00 for a foreign visitor (2).

It is important to mention that this discount (for Peruvians) does not apply for one-way flights which cost US$189.50 as a unique rate.

Different Rates in the City too:

Nonetheless, this is not the only case of different fare, and I want to tell my own story now. I have recently changed my residence from Lima to Cusco. From that day on, I am granted free entrance to Cusco´s attractions. Previously to that, however, a guard always invited me to come over the cashier in order to pay an admission ticket (the so-called Boleto Turístico).

Some churches such as the Cathedral, San Blas, Compañia de Jesus, and the Merced applies a similar scheme: free entrance for Cusqueños and residents though the difference here is that Peruvians as well as foreigners pay the same fare. It is true, nevertheless, that you can attend masses without any problem.

What do you think about this?

(1) Cajamarca is an Andean city located to the north of Peru near the border to Ecuador. It is famous because here the last Inca Atahualpa received the first Spaniards which eventually would mark the end of the Inca culture.

(2) Take notice these rates might have changed.

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5 Responses to You pay more; I pay less…or nothing

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  2. Nicole
    thanks. I would like to know whether the policy of “same fare for all” applies in your own country (by the way, which one?) or any other that you had the chance to visit in Europe or anywhere else.
    As far as I know, Spain had a different fare 20 or 30 years ago, but now the fare is the same for all, local or foreign.
    It seems that most Latin America countries apply differents rates. Are you aware of this too?

  3. Nicole says:

    thank you for your reply.
    Speaking about the problem mentioned above I would love to add that people that not all people from Europe have high standards of living. For example people from Eastern European countries. Their economic status is far to be ok.
    But here people do not think foreign tourists should pay more.
    Just an opinion…

  4. Nicole,
    thank you so much for your insight.
    Would you be so kind to telling us your experience about this topic in other countries?

    Here in Cusco, there are people who think europeans and other foreign tourists should pay more because their economic status is higher than Latin Americans.

  5. Nicole says:

    Hi Sergio,
    Your posts are great. I have always admired your deep knowledge of discussed subjects here.
    Regarding the problem you described above, I do agree with you.People should be treated the same.

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