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Oh là là, quelle chance vous avez! Lucky you my french friends and all the people who happen to be in Paris from today september 10 until february 6 2011. La Pinacotheque de Paris inaugurates today the exhibition L’Or des Incas. Origines et mystères (The Incas’ Gold : origins and mysteries).

“I al oro asimismo decian que era lagrimas que el Sol llorava” (sic).
Conquista i Poblacion del Piru. (sic)

Even though the Pinacotheque´s web site states gold was regarded as the sun´s  “sweat”, I have found this excerpt (above) which says that actually gold was considered the sun´s tears by ancient Peruvians. As a matter of fact, this exhibit shows inca´s masterpieces as well as other previous Andean culture´s ones such as Lambayeque and Chimu both located on the north of Peru.

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Let us watch the Pinacotheque video about this exhibition (in french):

Cargado por culturexpo. – Videos de noticias recién publicadas.

Let me Know your Insight:
If you happen to see this exhibition in Paris, I am looking forward to reading your opinion, please! Thanks in advance!

On the other hand, one of the most famous and venerated pilgrimage in Cusco will be held next september 13. I am talking about the Señor de Huanca. This pilgrimage gathers thousands of people who most of them walk all night long in order to get the sanctuary and worship this sacred image. I wish to have the chance to go this year for my first time ever.

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