Today in the morning I went to Chaitania´s house, a Hare Krishna devotee in Cusco, in order to meet with the Vrinda Spiritual Masters Srila Paramadvaiti Swami and Srila Atulanandra Acarya who were about to arrive from Lima. When I arrived to the house which was located on the sixth block of Pumacurco street just on the ancient Inca road to Sacsayhuaman, there were already a few people from different countries such as France, Spain, Argentina, Colombia, and Australia.

While we waited I was told by Miguel, the Spaniard guy, that most of them met each other in a 12-day pilgrimage around the islands of the Sun and the Moon in the Lake Titicaca. After coming over Cusco, they were thinking to sail down the Amazon River passing by Iquitos and then to Brazil. The guy from France, Nicolas, said that last night around 11 o´clock he and a friend of him hiked to Sacsayhuaman. I asked him whether or not it was dangerous, and he told me it looked like safe.

The conversation was interesting and I heard a couple of stories which were aim at saving money, and I can summarized them with Nicolas´ words: I am not a tourist, but a traveler. That is pretty much as saying I am a backpacker, so we were all on the same route.

After being told the masters had arrived, we headed for the Huaca or Sacred Place called Sapantiana, at the end of the street of Choquechaca,  but there was so much sunlight that we ended up coming back to the house. We took off our shoes, and most of us sat down on the very floor anxious to hear the masters. Swami said that one should overcome the physical dimension and be conscious of his spiritual one in order to love everyone so that one could finally find peace. I am still a travelling mendicant, added he.

"Mystic Rendez-vous"
The Master Swami singing

It was about to be 2 o´clock and I had to go, but I was invited to the ecological farm Sradavan in the Sacred Valley tomorrow morning which there is going to be another meeting with vegetarian food. I am afraid I can not show up.

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