Some traditional customs might seem to be the same or similar, but most of them boast their own peculiarities. One of the best examples to explain this happens during October, and I can not help comparing the feasts and traditions that I have seen in Lima and Cusco, two Peruvian cities where I have lived for years now.

October is known as the Purple Month especially in Lima as this is the color devotees wear during this month in order to accompany the image of the Lord of the Miracles, the largest religious procession in South America.

In Cusco, there are also processions in October and the whole year round. One of the most renown image is the Virgen del Rosario which is celebrated in places such as Canchis, Paucartambo, and Calca from today 6 till 9. In addition, it is the images of San Francisco de Asis (Maras, Urubamba), San Miguel (Pitumarca, Canchis), and Ecce Homo (San Sebastian, Cusco).

Unlike Lima which people wear purple and walk along the image, in Cusco most people especially women wear traditional and colorful clothes and, above all, men and women accompany the images by dancing and playing musical instruments.

"Procession in Cusco"
Devotees pray and dance in Cusco
"Bread from Oropesa"
In October, Oropesa town chooses the best Chuta bread

In Lima, it is a tradition to try a pastry called Turron de Doña Pepa during october (nowadays you can find it all year round, though). Actually, it is one of the things I can not help missing from Lima. I have found one bakery in Cusco on Teatro street which sells this pastry, but it gets hard as rock due to Cusco´s cold climate.

Even though it is not a tradition shared by most people or during a particular month, in Cusco during october the town of Oropesa (known as the Capital of Bread in the province of Quispicanchis) chooses the best Chuta bread, a round and flat bread made of white nowadays, but in Inca times it was prepared with maize. You do not need to go to Oropesa in case you want to try this delicious bread, but you can find it in the San Pedro Market and on the Pampa del Castillo street on the way to the Temple of the Sun or Qoricancha.

"Lord of the Miracles"
Thousands of devotees follow the Lord of Miracles in October
"Turron de Doña Pepa"
Turron is a traditional pastry in Lima in October

Whether in Cusco or in Lima, my piece of advice is to mingle with local people in order to experience the live culture and traditions.

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