Thierry Jamin, the french archaeologist director of the NGO Inkari Institute and in charge of the expedition Inkari 2010, strongly believes that he and his team might be closer to the secret city of Paititi. Such insight comes from the fact that they have found more than thirty archaeological sites and citadels in the valleys of Chunchusmayo and Lacco in the province of Calca in Cusco.

These two valleys are located between Machu Picchu, the National Sanctuary of Megantoni where the Matchiguenga people live and the Natural Reserve of Manu is located. Such a number of sites would have an administrative center which in Jamin´s point of view would be no other than Paititi, the name of an ancient legend.

These sites and the whole area may be at risk, however, since there is a project to build the Gasoducto Andino del Sur, a duct to transport gas from this region to the Peru´s southern departments.

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