I would never imagine that I would decide not going on camping again in my entire life that long and unbearable night!

It is very cold tonight, I said grinding my teeth while covering myself with the blanket. I opened my eyes, but I could hardly see the woods because the heavy mist had engulfed it completely. However, I could hear the roar of the river which crossed the woods down there.

My friend and I lay on the grass itself since we did not have any tent nor even a sleeping mat. As a matter of fact, there was only a large plastic roll above us hanging on a cord stretched from one tree to another. I was not able to sleep since I shivered the whole night, and in the morning I woke up with a backache.

Life is beautiful and this is the best way of life never ever, my friend exclaimed joyfully. Come on, shut up, I swear I will never go on camping again, I sentenced.

By the way, that afternoon was my first time ever I saw preparing noodles in a tin can for milk that we found in the woods, and starting a bonfire with a couple of sticks on a tree trunk like in cave´s man times.

Don´t you think that experience is too much for a 14-year-old teenager?
In fact, that was my age when this story happened. In those days, I was studying the fourth grade at secondary school when suddendly one day our classmate Nestor Oshiro, a japanese descendant who loved nature and the outdoors, came up with the idea of going on camping.

The mere thought of leaving the city with all its buildings, public transport, and noise was just appealing for me so I said Yes! immediately, and so did other six classmates. Unfortunately, as days went by, one classmate after another gave in since their parents did not give them permission due to safety concerns. At the end, out of eight friends only two were on the way: the nature lover, and the I-am-curious-about-it guy: of course, me.

I wonder what you would have decided if you were on my skin.
That morning I swore I would never go on camping again, but eventually I was en route to the countryside in less than three months. I am not able to explain the lure of nature over me, but I am still going on hiking and pitching my tent on the mountains, and that is something I do not pretend quitting until the end of my life.

I have found my true passion in nature even though I really hated my first experience in the outdoors. Would you tell us your story about your first day of camping? What about something you did not like it at all the first time but turned out to become your own passion or hobbie?

The best way of life: on the mountains

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