Soon after beginning my awkward relationship with nature at age 14, I could not help feeling a deep curiosity about extreme sports. No surprise at all if I had that strong desire for the “extreme” since I was a child, but even the mere thought of stepping on a skateboard was the most frightened experience for me. Much more after crashing, indeed!

However, I was always eager to accept any challenge which had to do with the outdoors.

I Almost Died in my First Adventure
Thus, even though I could not pronounce the word speleology correctly, I was thrilled to attend a two-week theory-and-practice lesson about it. At the end of the course, I was kind of expert about caves without exploring none since at that time I was under 18 so my parents only granted me to attend the lectures. The Guagapo Cave is still on my To-Do list.

I could have died in my second outdoor experience, though. Stop! cried out the instructor holding one of my arms as I was about to descend the rock wall. He watched the knot I made around my waist and while fixing it he uttered I do not want to pick up ugly dead bodies today, man! Actually, making knots is kind of science which is far beyond my IQ even though I often practice.
I was so tense that once on the ground I had a wound on my neck due to the friction with the rope.

Ice climbing is funnier, isn´t it? I have not done ice climbing yet, but once I hiked the snow-capped mountain Pastoruri in order to pretend skiing. After carrying our own skis for about an hour wearing a pair of strong boots, we were so exhausted that we could barely breathe. Honestly, the only one who skied that morning was me but only a couple of minutes because I got afraid when I saw the base of the mountain so I prefered to fall on the ice.

"rock climbing"
I almost fell down

My Search for Adventure also Brought me to the Waters

Despite the fact once I almost drowned at the San Bartolo beach south of Lima, that did not keep me from looking for adventure at a river, the sea and even at the highest lake in the world.

Rafting the Lunahuana River was a rush as the 30-minute ride went by as a blink of an eye. I was disappointed though because there was not any chance to admire the landscape, and it was really uncomfortable to twist my upper body toward the waters in order to paddle while keeping my legs to the other side.

A dream come true was surfing in Lima´s beach for four days, but I will never do it again since being without my glasses makes me vulnerable. However, what I would certainly love doing again is kayaking on the Titicaca Lake, no rush at all and you have all the time to enjoy the views.

On the Ground Again

My last adventure was mountain biking from the terraces of Moray to the salt mines of Salinas here in Cusco. Even though I fell down many times I really had a great time.

Most of the time when I tell people I love going on camping and hiking mountains, most of them say things like these oh, well, so you are kind of adventurer or it is just awesome you look for adrenaline. That is far from truth. When I hike, I just want to admire nature and landscape without fears or threats. That is all!

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