I had already been to Machu Picchu when Silvia suggested visiting that destination to Alejandra and me. A few years earlier I had hiked the great 4-day inca trail to that site so I replied it would be better traveling through Peru´s south route before reaching Cusco. What I did not mention was to stop by Paracas, a National Park south to Lima, due to two main reasons: first of all, I could not afford to extend this unexpected trip much more of the necessary days; and, secondly, I had already visited that protected area.

At the end of the photography course at the San Marcos National University as part of my Social Commnication career, the professor was happy to announce our last assignment: take pictures of the cultural and natural life at Paracas National Park. At that time, most of the would-be photojournalists used a cheap russian camera which, by the way, I managed to buy at the Lima´s black market.

On our way to Paracas we stopped at Cañete and Chincha, small towns which boast picturesque churches and skillful dancers of black Peruvian music. Finally, we got Pisco, a small port which is the starting point to visit the National Park and the Ballestas Islands not only by boat but also on foot or in a car.

Warning you that I am not even an adecuate photographer, I want now to introduce you a few pics that I took during that trip with my Zenith camera.

a picturesque church in the department of Ica
what does this look like for you?
Seals seem to be friendly and quiet, don´t they?
a candelabra drawn on the hill

A few years after, I headed for Nazca alone in order to overflight the famous lines (a world heritage site by UNESCO) drawn on the barren land as well as to visit Cahuachi, a huge citadel made of adobe. It is said that this Nazca culture citadel is bigger than the famous site of Chan Chan.

To make this story short, I would say the actual Peru´s south route that any traveller should not miss comprises: the Paracas National Park, the Nazca Lines, Arequipa and the Colca Canyon, Puno and the Lake Titicaca, and Cusco with all its ancient marvels. You may add Manu or Tambopata Reserved Zones in the department of Madre de Dios, but those two places are still on my To-do list.

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