I have asked myself many times how long an urban guy like me would be able to live in the countryside: quite a few days or maybe a couple of weeks? Honestly, I do not know, but I am aware that I do not belong to that environment. An environment that I regard as difficult and harsh. I think that these rough surroundings may determine the simple and humble nature of the people who live there. And life goes on with no rush at all. And the quietness is only broken by the forces of the very Mother Earth or Pachamama.

Either my adventurous spirit or my relentless curiosity has led me to walk those uneven trails. And I am still learning to be part of the countryside. It is just a matter of adaptation, I guess. Still, it is true that the countryside lets me feel peace and joy. These pictures are just a sample of the peaceful life in the countryside.

Now It Is Your Turn
What have you felt while walking around the countryside?
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