When I was about to put away my notes on the Chachapoyas region, I found some sketch maps and drawings I made before and during my trip to that region. Well, I consider this is the best place to save and keep them as they could be useful again someday.

Gran Vilaya and Gran Pajaten los Pinchudos are the two archaeological sites that I would like to visit in case I return to the Chachapoyas region. And the lake of the mummies would be in my plans if I get a group to make this 12-hour hike.  Another interesting place is Cochabamba, an Inca post in this remote area.

This sketch map seems to be a real maze, but I tried to write down important information such as the altitude and distances. Below there is an attempt to draw a church with its architectural features, but I think I failed.

Leymebamba, just Leyme in the map below, is a starting-point to several attractions nearby. The one you must visit is the Museum Mallqui, just 4 km away, which houses hundreds of mummies found in the Laguna de las Momias (lake of the mummies).

In real life, this sketch map is quite legible, but unfortunately it is little one can read now.

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