Discovery of a Wari King´s Tomb in Cusco

I am very excited because Peruvian archaeologists have found a Wari king´s tomb at the archaeological site of Espíritu Pampa or Vilcabamba in the province of La Convención, department of Cusco.

This new important finding is being exhibited at the Casa Museo Garcilaso here in Cusco til 10 March. Here a few pictures:

Note: Pictures without an author´s name are part of the very exhibition at the museum.

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4 Responses to Discovery of a Wari King´s Tomb in Cusco

  1. Realmente fabuloso, yo hasta ahora no salgo de la emocion por este nuevo descubrimiento que modificara la historia de los Wari.

  2. Gracias, Rafael, esas fotos sí las tomé yo. Ojala que la exposicion llegue a Lima tambien.

  3. Rafael says:

    Muy buenas fotos Sergio

  4. Rafael says:


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