greetings in quechua

Today it was my first Quechua lesson at the Real Academia de la Lengua Quechua in Cusco.

I learned there are up to three ways to ask “how are you?”:
– Allillanchu?
– Allillanchu kashanki?
– imaynallan?

If you want to answer “I am fine”, you say allillanmi kashani.

You also have greetings like:
– Allin p´unchay or good morning.
– Allin sukha or good evening and
– Allin tuta or good night

My teacher or yachachik told me tupananchiskama which means see you later. Finally, she said paqarinkama or see you tomorrow.

“What is your name?” is Iman sutiyki? and “my name is…” is ñoqaq sutiyqa…; I also learned that the ending kuna serves to form the plural of words. For example, runa means man, but runakuna means men.

So remember these expressions in case you visit Cusco or any Quechua-speaking town!!!

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