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Allillanchu kashanki?

My yachachik (teacher) talked about the consonants on my second class of Quechua. Like Spanish alphabet, Quechua has ñ, ch and ll. On the other hand, it lacks the letters b, c, d, g, v, x, and z.

However, this language adds other letters such as sh. In addition, the letters ch, p and t have these variations:

– chh and ch´
– ph and p´
– th and t´

all of which accepts the five vowels (a, e, i, o, u) afterwards, and the letters k and q have these variations:

– kh and k´ (only accepts a, i, u afterwards)
– qh and q´ (only accepts a, e, o afterwards)

Believe me, it is a little hard to identify the different prononciations of some of these letters in words. The challenge is welcome!


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