As I walk around the narrow streets of the historical center of Lima, I discover and enjoy its appealing and special architecture.

Magnificent convents such as the San Francisco, and beautiful old colonial houses such as Osambela are just samples of why downtown Lima was declared part of the list of World Heritage Centers by Unesco.

downtown Lima
San Francisco church
downtown Lima
Underground San Francisco church are catacombs. Pic by Kristina Stalnionyte

Peruvian Literature Museum
A street near main square. Pic by Kristina Stalnionyte

sightseeing downtown on a double-deck bus

a republican building on Plaza San Martin
From the government palace to the San Francisco church
a typical colonial street. Pic by Kristina Stalnionyte
Poet Cesar Vallejo´s statue and Teatro Segura
Parque del lustrabotas and Santo Domingo church
Interior of colonial house. Museo de Tradiciones Peruanas

the traditional bar at downtown

Michael Jackson and the four women
Alameda Chabuca Granda. Pic by Kristina Stalnionyte
Do you wanna try? Pic by Kristina Stalnionyte
Parque de la Muralla. Pic by Kristina Stalnionyte
Parque de la Muralla

Cerro San Cristobal, lookout. Pic by Kristina Stalnionyte

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