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In this and the next post, I want to share with you a few stories about my experience as a backpacker around my country.

I Will Never Go On Camping Again!
Too much suffering for a 14 year-old kid who was accustomed to the comfort of sweet home.

A Brief Story Of A Coward Adventurer:
Most people claim that I am an adventurer. That is not true; I am just a backpacker. I tell you why.

Hiking The Highlands Of Lima:
Not only is Lima beaches and desert altogether, but to the east it is the striking Andes. I could not help hiking a few trails.

Amazonian Remembrances:
When I was just a kid I used to go to Iquitos to visit my grandparents. My love of travelling started here, I guess.

I will post the second part in a few days.

The best way of life: on the mountains