I was about to entitled this post as “Peru´s coastal food”, but then I realized that some of the dishes can also be found in the highlands (at least, in Cusco) such as aji de gallina, tamales and even ceviche.

However, most of them are from the coast; above all, the seafood. After all, fish is fresher in the coast than in the Andes, isn´t it? No surprise then the first thing to do when I come back to Lima is to run to a seafood restaurant.

This listing is far from being complete so if you have another favorite coastal dish your recommendation is welcome!

Ají de gallina: shredded chicken in a spicy sauce made of milk, bread, onion, chilis, garlic and cheese, served on boiled yellow potatoes (a variety only grown in Peru) with olive, slice boiled egg and rice.
Causa rellena: cold mashed yellow potatoes blended with onions, peppers, a chicken or tuna salad and served with olive, and lettuce.
rice with shellfish
Ceviche: raw fish in a marinade of green lemon juice and spiced with ají, served with popped maize kernels or corn-on-the-cob, yucca or potato, cancha or toasted corn and stripped onions.
Chicharrón: deep-fried chunks of fish served with fried yucca or yam.
choritos a la chalaca: mussels marinated in lemon juice served with popped corn kernels and chopped onions.
Chupe: thick cream-based soup laden with shrimps or crab and spiced with chili pepper.
fried tuna roe
Escabeche de pescado: fried fish in a sauce of pickled onions, hot peppers, and garlic, served with sweet potato or corn-on-the-cob, sliced boiled egg, olive, and lettuce.
Sudado: steamed fish and seafood in a kind of soup.
Tamal: corn dumplings stuffed with meat and chilies and wrapped with banana leaves and then steamed.
two tamales without the banana leaves.
Papa a la huancaína: boiled potatoes smothered in a spicy and creamy sauce of cheese, milk, and egg yolk and served with olives, sliced boiled eggs and lettuce.
Ají de gallina and earthen ware pots in a food fair at Parque de la Muralla in downtown Lima.

Lately, I have been reading posts about food and I noticed that all bring recipes. Please do not ask me too much because to be honest with you I do not know how to cook these dishes. I am good at enjoying them though. If you are also prone to tasting them, then…provecho!

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