Curahuasi and Maras

curahuasi cusco

To the west of Cusco, on the way to the peaceful city of Abancay, there are a few attractions you should not miss such as the archaeological sites of Killarumiyoq, and Tarawasi. In addition, there are quiet and small towns like Curahuasi, 2 hours and a half from Cusco. I could not help hiking the hilltop called Captain Rumi.


You may have heard  about the tour around the terraces of Moray, the salt mines and the colonial town of Maras. Actually, it is worth a visit. I could not help going again in order to visit Checoq, a small but amazing archaeological site near the town.

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2 Responses to Curahuasi and Maras

  1. Welcome to Cusco and Lima. You may love them as much as you love San Francisco.

  2. laurahartson says:

    stunning pictures I have always wanted to visit cusco and lima

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