Potatoes and more

pictures of potatoes in cusco

One astounding aspect around the markets in Cusco is the countless sorts of potatoes in all sizes and in colour variations.

John Hemming says in his book The Conquest of the Incas that:

“although the Spaniards could never have guessed it, potatoes were to be Peru’s greatest legacy to the world. They originated in Peru and grow there in a profusion of varieties and colours. It has been calculated that the world’s annual potato harvest is worth many times the value of all treasures and precious metals taken from the Inca empire by its conquerors”.


…2301 varieties have been cultivated in Peru, such as huayro.

In addition to potatoes, you can also see at the markets of Cusco other local produce such as oca, maize, sancha inchi and aguaymanto.


Oca: its flavour is sweet.

"native corn"

The Sacred Valley´s corn is one of the most delicious in Peru

I was amazed to find that the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega talked in his Comentarios Reales about the sacha inchi even though he did not use that name but ínchic:

“el ínchic semeja mucho a las almendras; si se come crudo ofende a la cabeza, y si tostado, es sabroso y provechoso; con miel hacen de él muy buen turrón; también sacan del ínchic muy lindo aceite para muchas enfermedades”.

sacha inchi

Sacha Inchi.


Aguaymanto fruit.

It is much more to see in the markets and I am truly pondering to make a photography tour around the most popular market in Cusco: the San Pedro market!

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