A Glimpse at Cusco Food

Food in Cusco is an attraction is its own right because this is a fertile land that produces not only different varieties of potatoes but much more.

Another reason is the traditional way of cooking which is still alive and the best place to witness this is in the town of Tipon where it is served the most popular dish, guinea pig.

In case it is no time to visit Tipon with its amazing archaeological site and guinea pigs, there are a lot restaurants around the historical center (more gourmet than traditional, though) and a few picanterias.
In addition, I would recommend to take a look at two food fairs where it is a chance to taste Peruvian cuisine in general and, of course, Andean dishes.

One important aspect is how much it would cost. Here it is food for any size of wallet. As a backpacker, nonetheless, I am always prone to tasting cheap snacks on the streets.

Last but not least, there is always the temptation to try some desserts.

It is much more to learn and taste about Cusco food, and this is something I am always eager to do and share with you too!

"Peruvian Cuisine"

Tarpu uchu made of quinoa (community Ccapi)

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2 Responses to A Glimpse at Cusco Food

  1. I understand your point of view about guinea pigs but let me tell you they are just delicious. Most people end up licking their own fingers (we do not use fork nor knife to eat cuy).

  2. Mary Royers says:

    Mmhm, that looks delicious. I’m all for trying new things, although I must say I don’t think I could eat the guinea pig just for the moral consciousness of knowing my best friend is insanely obsessed with her pet guinea pigs 😛

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