I am going to show you another forbidden area at Sacsayhuaman.

As of December 2011, this part of Sacsayhuaman is no longer forbidden.

It is just located at the back of Muyuqmarka. That is to the south of the huge stone blocks popularly known as the fortress. Thus, this area overlooks the city of Cusco.

Being a forbidden zone I had to be over there very early at around 6 o´clock so no guardians would stop me. Unfortunately, at that hour I stood against the light so some pics did not come out well.

One of the most impressive buildings is within this area. It is a room with fine carved stones and vaulted niches.

Building at the back of Muyuqmarka

In 1534, Pedro Sancho de la Hoz mentioned these niches in his book Relación de la  Conquista del Perú:

“…hay una fortaleza…con sus ventanas grandes que miran a la ciudad y la hacen parecer más hermosa”.

Vaulted niches inside

I have read in a book about this archaeological site that this area could have had a religious function and the rooms could have been like chapels.

To the West of this building I spot some ducts. So far, I am not sure whether they were drained channels or ventilation ducts.

Ducts on the ground

Moreover, I have also read that Incas brought water to Sacsayhuaman from Chakan, a valley 5 or 6 Km away, so these ducts could have also been water channels. Well, I can not tell for sure.

Then, I retrace my steps to the East and find this stone staircase.

Stone stairway

At the bottom, there is a corridor which leads me to a wooden tall cross which you can see it from Cusco´s main square. Actually it is located just 230 meters from the square and from here there is a great view of the city.

A great view from the cross

Around the cross, some building foundations remain.

Foundations still remain

It is very unlikely you could visit this entire zone, so I hope to have been helpful to let you know more about Sacsayhuaman. And bear in mind this is a No Trespassing Zone.

And please tell me what you think about this forbidden hot spot.

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