I love downtown Cusco because it is quiet in general terms. Sometimes my curiosity as well as my preference to start hiking early has led me to feel this quietness in the early hours of the day.

Walking alone in the middle of that silence is really inspiring and thrilling so I would actually recommend it. The most important thing is that is safe enough that you can do it by your own too!

Do you want to experience this early quietness too? Well, take a look at these pics:

The cathedral and the moon
Cathedral in Cusco
Cusco´s main square at dawn
Left: the Cathedral. Right: Compañia de Jesus Church
San Blas at dawn
One street in San Blas neighborhood

Going down San Blas early

Santa Ana neighborhood
Meloc street near Qarmenqa neighborhood

In addition to silence and quietness, I really like how the sky looks like very early!

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