These are the best Peruvian dishes chosen by the very Peruvians in a poll. 

As a matter of fact, the poll asked us to pick up only seven meals which I guess it comes from “the seven wonders of the world” stuff.

Nevertheless, I prefer such a thing like MTV or Billboard Top 10 lists so…now you have ten reasons to read this post instead of seven.

By the way, my own picks were escabeche, guinea pig and tacacho con cecina. Even though the last two are regional food, nowadays it is easy to find them in most big cities.

Last but not least, this list is at random, not in order…my favorite is ají de gallina, though 🙂

Ají de Gallina:
Shredded chicken in a spicy sauce made of milk, bread, onion, chilis, garlic and cheese, served on boiled yellow potatoes (a variety only grown in Peru) with olive, slice boiled egg and rice.

Causa Rellena:

Cold mashed yellow potatoes blended with onions, peppers, a chicken or tuna salad and served with olive, and lettuce.

causa rellena

Papa a la Huancaína:

Boiled potatoes smothered in a spicy and creamy sauce of cheese, milk, and egg yolk and served with olives, sliced boiled eggs and lettuce.

papa a la huancaina

Lomo Saltado:

Strips of steak sautéed with tomatoes, onions, ají amarillo (a spicy pepper) and slices of yellow potatoes served with rice.

lomo saltado


It is a skewer of meat which resembles a shish kebab with potato.



Raw fish in a marinade of green lemon juice and spiced with ají, served with popped maize kernels or corn-on-the-cob, yucca or potato, cancha or toasted corn and stripped onions.



Cooked chicken or fish in a sauce of pickled onions, hot peppers, and garlic, served with sweet potato or corn-on-the-cob, sliced boiled egg, olive, and lettuce.


Chupe de Camarones:

Thick cream-based soup laden with shrimps or crab and spiced with chili pepper (sorry, this pic is terrible, but it is the only one I have now).

chupe de camarones

Guinea Pig or Cuy:

Typical food in the southern Andes. You can try cuy chactado (grilled), cuy al horno (roasted) or gourmet version (stewed).

guinea pig

Tacacho con Cecina:

Typical jungle food. It is bananas cooked over coals and served with fried pork and chopped onions. Sometimes, it is served with cured meat.

tacacho con cecina

¿Do you agree with this list? If not, which meal would you like to include here?

By the way, I´ve got another post about Peruvian food.

Buen provecho!!!

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