On Friday I hiked to Sacsayhuaman in order to start my training as well as to check out some information for an upcoming post.

It was a sunny day when I reached  this archaeological site at six o´c lock and I just planned to stay over there utmost one hour.

However, it took me two hours and a half to come back due to, among other reasons, some unexpected scenes that I want to share with you now.

Do you notice something here?
I was about to reach Sacsayhuaman when I saw something that struck me.
The answer is at the bottom.

At the entrance of Sacsayhuaman

How to Get Sacsayhuaman
Sacsayhuaman: A Fortress?

The Limestone Wave:
When I saw this landscape, the first thing that came to my mind was a wake. If I am not wrong this boulder is limestone.

Suchuna or Rodadero (Slide)

The Graceful Llamas:
I do not know where they came from that morning, but they were grazing when I walk across the prairie known as Chukipampa.

Llamas and the fortress at the back

One of them decided to pose before my camera.

Llama staring and Suchuna at the back

Sacsayhuaman: Forbidden Hot Spots I
Sacsayhuaman: New Findings

The Path on the Sky:
Suddenly I looked up to the sky and I found this. Cusco´s sky is clean and clear.

The sky

Then I just wanted to see how good or bad a pic of the so-called fortress would look like at six and a half.
I really liked the outcome so that is why this pic is here.

Sacsayhuaman: Forbidden Hot Spots II
Sacsayhuaman: wonder of the Incas

…and the answer is here. When I was about to reach Sacsayhuaman, I saw a bird standing on a boulder. I was lucky enough to get closer until the bird just walked away.

I took this pic from far south looking to the north. To the left, it is Sacsayhuaman and to the right is Cristo Blanco or the White Christ. At the back, it is Senqa mountain, one of the Apus or shrine in Inca times.

Sacsayhuaman-Cristo Blanco-Senqa mountain

No matter how many times I hike to Sacsayhuaman, there is always the chance to get a new view…unexpected.