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This is the most updated directory of places where you can ask for information and even help. So update your guide-book!

1. Upon Arrival:

a) Just before you pick up your luggage at the Velasco Astete airport, you find some counters but two of them give tourist information.
One is iperú and the other one is Dircetur. They work while there are flights.

There is also another iperú counter at the main hall on your way out of Cusco. You better take a look at this office upon arrival because it has updated information (further info below at Leaving Cusco).

There is a slight difference between these two offices: while Dircetur has only information about Cusco, iperú offers basic info about all Perú.

b) At the bus station or Terminal Terrestre, I have seen one tourist office at the second floor, but it remained closed the forty-five minutes I walked around the station.

2. In the City:

First of all, I would strongly recommend to talk with the front desk officer or any person at your hotel. You know, local people can give you the best piece of advice.

Ok, if that is not enough there are a few offices you can visit:

a) The Traveler Point BCP:
Address: Portal de Harinas 177 on the Plaza de Armas. It works from 8am to 8pm monday thru sunday.
It does not have a phone number; the only choice by now is come over.

However, iperú has a 24-hour toll-free number as well as a main email:

And this is the link for iperú information web page.

A few days ago I sent them an email and they replied it to me after five days.

Address: Calle Mantas 117-A. It works from 8am to 8pm monday thru saturday and 9am to 2pm on Sundays.
Phone number: 222032
They have a web page, but it is only in spanish and useless.

In this office you can also buy the Boleto Turístico and the entrance to Machu Picchu (only accept credit card and schedule may be erratic).

c) South American Explorers:
Here you can find trip reports, maps, volunteer database as well as tips and advice.
Address: Calle Atocsaycuychi 670, San Blas. It works from monday to friday from 9:30 to 5pm and saturday from 9:30 to 1pm.
Phone number: 245484

Well, I guess they can give you info whether or not you are a member. The subscription fee per year is $60, one guy, and $90 if you go with someone else.

3. Leaving Cusco:

a) At the airport, the only choice is the iperú office at the main hall. It works monday thru sunday from 6am to 5pm.
Phone number: 237364

The CORPAC office which is located at one entrance to the aiport does not give tourist information.

b) At the bus station or Terminal Terrestre, I have seen one tourist office at the second floor, but it remained closed the forty five minutes I walked around the station.

4. Do You Need Help?

a) All my guide books state that the Tourist Police Office is on Calle Saphi 510 but this is no longer the truth. Now its office is at Plaza Tupac Amaru, a little bit away from the historic center. You should take a taxi to go there.

Its phone number is 235123, but when I called it did not work at all!

b) The iperú office also offers consumer protection assistance. However, it seems they will no longer do this.

5. Machu Picchu:

iperú has also an office at Aguas Calientes town.
The office is just half block off the main square at Pachacuteq avenue first block office 4. It is the building of the Dirección Regional de Cultura.

They work monday thru friday from 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm even though you could find some flyers with a different schedule.
Phone number: 211104

I guess this is it! Hope you find it helpful. And please tell me your opinion about this post.

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