I have already told you how to get Sacsayhuaman. But now I will do it better with a way up and a way down with some attractions you should not miss. By the way, a map is at the bottom.

The starting point is the main square or Plaza de Armas. Let´s go!!!

A Warm-Up:
If you want to warm-up your legs and thighs take Plateros and Saphy streets till you get to Amargura street. The warm-up starts here with this steep slope:

Amargura street: hike to Sacsayhuaman
Cuesta de la Amargura

Amargura, Bitterness or Sadness in english, comes from the fact that Spanish had local people carried down boulders from Sacsayhuaman to the city and sometimes there were accidents and the rocks killed many people here.

No matter how many times I have climbed this street so far, I can not help ending up gasping. The view on top is great, though.

Hike to Sacsayhuaman

This is our first challenge so take your time in order to breathe and take pics.

Cusco City: Shape of a Puma?

San Cristobal and Qollqanpata:
A few minutes up, it is the San Cristobal church. It was closed for restoration but now it is open to the public again.

San Cristobal: hike to Sacsayhuaman
This is the first view of San Cristóbal church as you hike to Sacsayhuaman

The church was built next to Collcampata or Qollqanpata. It was a common practice for Spanish conquistadors to build churches next to Inca sites in order to eradicate Inca´s beliefs and spread the new faith.

Collcampata: hike to Sacsayhuaman
Collcampata was first Inca´s palace and has a great view to the city

This site is much more than the terraces and niches you can see as going by. Actually, this site protects a masterpiece and I have pics to show you next week. In the meantime, a sample of Inca architect:



Reference Pics:
Walking by Qollqanpata and alongside the highway up, you will see one corner of Sacsayhuaman crowned with a cross.

Cruz Moqo: one corner of Sacsayhuaman
Cruz Moqo: the cross at Sacsayhuaman. Below: Quinta Lomellini, remember this name, please.

This area with the Cross is known as Cruz Moqo. It was forbidden to visit a few months ago; not now and it has a great view of Cusco.

The next pic is very important because it has to do with my next post about the masterpiece of Qollqanpata.

Quinta Lomellini: hike to Sacsayhuaman
This private property guards an Inca masterpiece. Discover it in my next post!

Two more turns and we find the inca trail to Sacsayhuaman. This is our second challenge and then we get to the site. You can take 40 to 50 minutes from the main square to the site itself. Gasping is ok!!! 😉

Inca trail to Sacsayhuaman
The ticket booth is up yet!!!

Come Back to Cusco:

On your way back , go down this ancient trail and then continue to Pumacurco street where there are three attractions I would recommend:

Taki Museum: Unfortunately this museum was closed recently.
If you want to see or listen to andean musical instruments. This museum is run by the artist Kike Pinto.

Where: Pumacurco 519. When: mon – sat from 10am to 3pm. Contact: http://institutotaki.blogspot.com/

Taki Museum
Andean musical instruments at Taki Museum

Inca Wall:
If you want to admire Inca architect, there is an impressive wall on Pumacurco 470.  The house is run by Cusco City Hall now. It is said this wall was part of terraces in this area. There were no palaces here.

Inca wall: hike to Sacsayhuaman
This Inca wall was part of terraces in this area.

Beautiful Balcony:
On Pumacurco 428, there is this peculiar balcony with carved wood and religious paintings.

Colonial balcony
There are two balconies like this on this street.

At the end of this street, you will reach Plaza Nazarenas. One of the best museums in Cusco is here:

MAP or Museo de Arte Precolombino:
It has an amazing collection of gold and silver objects among others from cultures such as Nazca, Mochica, Huari, and Chimu. Adults pay S/.20 and students pay S/.10 and it opens daily from 8am to 10pm.

Museo de Arte Precolombino
Museo de Arte Precolombino

As you leave MAP, to the right there is a narrow street, Cuesta del Almirante, which goes down to the main square. Just one block before, you will find another good museum:

Museo Inka:
It tells you the story of the people who lived in this valley til the Incas.  The general fee is S/10. It opens:
Mon to Fri 8am to 6pm
Sat 9am to 4pm. Sun closed.

Museo Inca
Museo Inca

And that´s it! How do you like this tour?
I would really appreciate your opinion about this post: Would you like more explanations about the attractions? Do you want less pics, maybe? I do not know, anything would help me. Thanks!!!

And here is the map:
Blue line: way up to Sacsayhuaman
Red line: way down to main square

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