It is time to go to Q´enqo. The best way to do it is by hiking, of course (the most popular way though is taking the City Tour with a travel agency), and you may want to get Sacsayhuaman first.

I have also published a post about a round-trip hike to Sacsayhuaman that is very interesting.

A picture is worth a thousand words:

Once you get the guard post at Sacsayhuaman, go to the bridge at the back and turn right.On the way to Qenqo

Sacsayhuaman viewed from the bridge
Sacsayhuaman viewed from the bridge

At the end of the trees, turn left and soon you will find a trail to the right that leads to the highway Cusco – Pisac.

Here turn left

Follow the highway on the way to Pisac until a sign saying Q´enqo. Take the old road to the right along a woods that you should enter and go down to the small yet impressive Huchuy Q´enqo.

Go down the woods to Huchuy Qento

Entrance to Huchuy Qenqo
Huchuy Qenqo

Impressive wall in Huchuy Qenqo

Then hike to Hatun Q´enqo or simply Q´enqo and admire its niches as well as the underground cave.  Unless you go on june 21st, there is also the unknown Q´enqo.

Hatun Qenqo

After this you have three options:

1. Go to the highway and then to the so-called site “X Zone”, Pucapucara and Tambomachay.

2. Take the way down to San Blas neighborhood.

3. Take the paved street that leads to the Temple of the Monkeys and Temple of the Moon.

This time the option taken is number 2. As you go down you have another view of Q´enqo to the right and an Inca canal to the left.

It goes to San Blas
This road leads to San Blas
Inca canal
Inca canal

You enter Villa San Blas after crossing the highway and a sign pointing out the road to the Antisuyo (the East region of Inca Empire).

On the way to San Blas

The Coca Museum has moved to calle Palacios in San Blas area as to march 2013:
As you continue walking down, you will spot the first attraction in San Blas: The Coca Museum. There are other attractions in this area but that will be part of another post. And please do not forget to check the map below.

Coca Museum

Some Distances:

Sacsayhuaman to Q´enqo: 1 km which is less than a mile.

Q´enqo to the city: 7 Km or 4 miles aprox.


I would say about 3 hours to do all this hike.

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