Temple of the Moon in Cusco

Laqo is the original name of this archaeological site better known as the Temple of the Moon. A few years ago, archaeologists found here the bodies of eight children who might have been sacrificed in Inca times. These children could have been the servants or Capac Qochas of Amaro Topa Inca, Pachacuteq´s offspring and Tupac Yupanqui´s brother.


This is the Temple of the Moon, also known as Laqo, Salonniyoq or Salonnuyoq

In addition to these eight mommies, they found in one of the caves of this site a bracelet made of gold and a knife made of copper.  Laqo is just 5 minutes walking from the Temple of the Monkeys or Kusilluchayoq.



As you reach the site, you first see this wall with impressive carvings (a close up is in the next picture)



From this view, you see the entrance of a cave (bottom left). As it is common in this area, there are more caves in this site




Just above the wall, there is this stairway that leads to another cave which is in fact The Temple of the Moon


The entrance to the temple is carved with shapes of animals. Do you see a condor here? The next 2 pictures is the puma (without head) and the third one is a snake.





The most impressive, however, is the finely carved altar located at the end of this cave. A better picture next



Hiking to the top is worth it in case you want to see more carvings depicting monkeys or pumas like in this picture


There are more carvings at the back of the hill, being this kind of seat in three levels the most impressive

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