Tambomachay is located around the 11 kilometer on the highway Cusco – Pisaq, on the left-hand side, just in front of the archaeological site of Pukapukara.


It is known as the shrine where the Inkas used to worship the water, a deity for indigenous cultures, and still has beautiful fountains that channel crystalline spring water.


Actually, there are three ceremonial water fountains built on different levels which are part of a sophisticated system of aqueducts, canals and a pool.


In addition to these fountains, Tambomachay consist of three massive tiers of fine Inca stonework with platforms and ceremonials niches.


Some scholars suggest Tambomachay could have been a resting and a hunting place or even a sacred bathing place for the Incas and their royal women.


Its name comes from the Quechua words tanpu, a kind of lodge for travellersand mach´ay that means cave.


In fact, it seems to be one just half kilometer away perched on a hill to the north which it is visible from this complex. Even though it is not a real cave, it has Inka walls too.


This stone complex has hillside terraces to the east and the small town of the same name is located just behind a small hill to the west.


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