This is one of the most interesting hikes nearby the city of Cusco. It joins 8 archaeological sites: Sacsayhuaman, Huchuy Q’enqo, Q’enqo, Temple of Monkeys, Temple of Moon, Temple of Water, Pukapukara and Tambomachay.

You can start either from the very city or from Tambomachay. I do not recommend, however, this second choice because your energy will be low when you get to Sacsayhuaman, the most impressive along this trail. Bear in mind that this trek could last from 4 to 7 hours depending on variables such as your own pace and how many photos you would like to take.

IMPORTANT: Bring your Boleto Turístico or else purchase it at Sacsayhuaman or Tambomachay.

From Cusco to Sacsayhuaman – Q’enqo:

To get to Sacsayhuaman you have the easiest route, so to speak, or the one that goes by Calle Amargura, the street of bitterness. I have also told you the route to Huchuy Q’enqo and Q’enqo.

After Q´enqo you have to reach the houses on the other side of the ravine and walk to the right until…(go on pictures,  please):

…you get this ancient Inca road that goes from Cusco to the East or the Antisuyo. Here Cusco at the distance, the hike continues on the other way.

This Inca path leads you first to the Temple of the Monkeys and after just five minutes to the Temple of the Moon.

hike tambomachay
A canal on the Inca trail as you leave the Temple of the Monkeys.
After Temple of Moon, walk until this next Inca trail that goes down to a stream (see the carved stone to the right?). To the left…

Oops, Where to Go Now?:
To the left…there is a sign from INC (Instituto Nacional de Cultura). Follow river up and after a few steps there is part of an Inca wall just above a small pool.

Just across the pool, this rock mountain serves as a offering place. It is common to find flowers in the hole. See the small boulder to the left?

That boulder to the left is our next destination. It is easier to show you the route if I climb atop the Temple of the Moon as next picture shows:

A view atop the Temple of the Moon. Follow the red arrow.

Keep on walking on low terrain following the red arrow as shown above and then turn right until you get this Inca wall and after a couple of minutes another site that I call the Reservoir, it is said to be the Temple of Water though (next two pictures):



The Last Stretch of the Hike Cusco – Tambomachay:
The valley opens a little bit after the Reservoir as you keep walking on the plain. A few minutes ahead you will see some houses to your right along the Carretera (highway) Cusco – Pisaq. The pond of Huayllarcocha, next pic, is just near and the same path leads you to the highway.


Even though I do not like that much walking along a carretera, it is the only way to get to Pukapukara and just across the highway it is Tambomachay, the end of our hike, which I hope you like it.


Hey, How Do We Come Back?:
Last but not least, this is a very important fact to know too!!! What about hiking back?

If that is not a chance any more, at Tambomachay it is the bus stop of  “Señor del Huerto” which for S/1.20 will take you to Calle Puputi, just off the Av De La Cultura where you can flag a taxi or keep on walking to your hotel.

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By the way, here is the map of this hike (google map mentions a site Chukimarca, but I could not find any with that name on the route):

See you on the trail!!!  I will show you pictures of the Reservoir next post…do not miss it!!!

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