In my former post about the hike from Cusco to Tambomachay, I mentioned a site that I used to call the Reservoir. I was not able to find the proper name of it even though I read some archaeology books.


Eventually, one guardian at Pukapukara told me that this site is known as the Temple of Water; however, I could not get the name in Quechua.


Even though this site does not match the beauty of Tambomachay, it also has canals, aqueducts as well as small fountains which might have been used for rituals regarding water.



I call this site the Reservoir because just in front there is a small and flat prairie surrounded by a hill on one side and terraces to the other side. The exit to this area is cut by an Inca wall that nowadays is broken into two sections, but it seems at least for me that this area was like a pool of water at Inca times.


You may want to visit this small site and judge by yourself. By the way, the only way to get there is by hiking or you may rent horses near the Temple of the Moon.

After this amazing hike from Cusco to Tambomachay, I go back to the city to explore it again.

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