Vegetarian travelers and tourists will not have any problem to find a good and near veggie restaurant in Cusco. Check the whole list updated as of Abril 2014:

vegetarian food cusco

Touristic Veggie Restaurants:

Most of them are around the San Blas neighborhood as well as near the main square too.

El Encuentro:
This restaurant has three branches and the one near San Blas is on Choquechaca 136. The other two are located on:
Santa Catalina Ancha 384.
Tigre 130.

Choquechaca 152. It only serves snacks.
The restaurant itself is located at Qanchipata 269, off Choquechaca street.

Chiwanpata 652. Just in front of the San Blas market.

Govinda Lila:
Inside the San Blas market.

Green Point:
Carmen Bajo 235.

Carmen Alto 146. It only serves snacks and the best yogurt.

Natural Factory:
Pumacurco 433. On the way to Sacsayhuaman.
Even though they serve veggie food randomly, you would find natural products and excellent energy bars.

Two or three blocks off the main square you have:

It was on Matara 247. Now it has moved to Plaza San Francisco 373.

They were at Saphy 584 but as July 2013 they have moved to Jiron Retiro D-1 corner with Recoleta at the Zaguan del Cielo Urbanization (near the Cusqueña beer factory).

They have another restaurant at Coquimbo street, one block off the main square of the Santigo district.

Santa Catalina Ancha 366-B.

Santa Catalina Ancha 395. Second floor.

Non-Touristic Veggie Restaurants:
They are located to the south of the main square and they are not as fancy as the above but they are good too.

Delicias Saludables:
San Andres 469.

La Naturaleza:
Lechugal 148.

El Olivo:
Pavitos 470.

Nuevo Mundo:
Av. Centenario 549.

Comedor Vegetariano:
Av. Huascar 222. It is located near the Wanchaq market.

Casa de la Salud:
Av. Los Incas 1006-B. Across the UNSAAC, National University, at the Av. de la Cultura.

The ones that said goodbye:
Esencia Vegetal:
Granada street 256. This veggie restaurant opened in August 2013 but it could not even survive six months.

And that´s it, the updated listing of all the vegetarian restaurants in Cusco. And please check the map to know how to get to all these places:

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