In this post, I am glad to show you all the museums that you can visit in the city of Cusco.

cusco museums

You Can Enter These Museums with your Boleto Turístico:

The four museums that are part of the Boleto Turístico (I do not consider the Pachacuteq lookout as a museum) are open generally from Monday to Saturday from 9 to 5pm even though their opening hours could change from time to time so you better check your ticket.

Museo de Sitio del Qorikancha, Temple of the Sun:
Av Sol 6th block.

Museo de Arte Popular:
Av Sol 103.

Museo Histórico Regional, Casa Garcilaso:
Calle Heladeros, Plaza Regocijo.

Museo Municipal de Arte Contemporáneo:
City Hall, Plaza Regocijo.

You may want to check the Boleto Turistico´s website even though it is in spanish.

Other Archaeological Museums:

All the following museums are not part of the Boleto Turístico. For further information about location, schedules and rates, please, check their websites.

Museo Machupicchu, Casa Concha:
Santa Catalina Ancha 320.
It opens from Monday to Saturday from 9 to 5pm. Entrance: S/20.

Museo Inka:
Cuesta del Almirante 103.  (only in spanish).

Museo de Arte Precolombino:
Plaza Nazarenas 231.

Tupac Inca Yupanqui´s Palace – Scotiabank:
Maruri 315. Office hours.
This bank houses two museums actually. The Museo de Sitio Puca Marca (free entrance) on the 1st floor and a photographic exhibit of Cusco from 1920-1950 by one of the most renowned Cusqueño photographers, Martin Chambi, on  the 2nd floor (entrance S/10).

New Trend Museums, so to speak

I call these places “new trend” because they are all much more like a business (restaurant, workshop, pub, store) combined smart enough with the notion of a museum. The entrance is free for most of them.

Textiles Tradicionales:
Av Sol 603.

Museo de la Coca:
Palacio 122.
It opens from Monday to Sunday from 9 to 8pm. Entrance fee: S/10 (free on Sundays).

Museo de Plantas Sagradas, Mágicas y Medicinales:
Santa Teresa 351.

Choco Museo:
Garcilaso 210, 2nd floor.

Museo del Pisco:
Santa Catalina Ancha 398.

Last but not Least

Museo de Historia Natural (Universidad Nacional San Antonio Abad del Cusco, UNSAAC):
Paraninfo Universitario, Plaza de Armas.
When I went it was closed but the guard told me it is usually open from Monday to Friday from 9 to 2pm. Your fee of  S/3.00 would be worth if you really want to see and know the flora and fauna of Cusco.

That´s it…here are all the museums in the city of Cusco and they are all at walking distance from the main square as you can see on the map below.

As you notice, it was not my intention to give my opinion about these museums (I may do that later). In my next post, I will show you the religious museums in the city of Cusco.

Your Turn

Please tell me whether or not this post was useful for you. I would appreciate your comments too. And next time, I will show you the religious museums.

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