How to Go to Qoyllurity Festival

The main day of the Festival of Qoyllurity or Ccoyllurritty 2013 is tomorrow Tuesday May 28th. It is a huge pilgrimage with more than 10 thousand people walking to the Sanctuary located at the base of the snow mountain Sinakara (some people hike to the peak in order to pick pieces of ice).

As tomorrow it is the principal day, I was told that there is going to be public transportation all day today Monday and even all night. The mini vans and buses are just in front of the Arena Casa de la Juventud as you can see in the next map:

The ride costs between S/20 to S/25 but you may expect increase as the hours go by and it takes around 3 hours to arrive to the town of Mahuayani from where you start the uphill to the Sanctuary for about 2 or 3 hours.

And please bear in mind that you will be at the base of a snow mountain (some people walk even during the night) so temperature is like freezing so bring very warm  clothes. Do not worry about food because you will find plenty of vendors.

Qoyllurity 2013 began last Friday 24th and it lasts one week. This festival is once a year in May or June. So please do not miss this great chance to experience this huge festival. I will not.

And here some pictures I took last weekend in the city of Cusco as an introduction to the dancers and musicians that will go to this festival.


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