The rainbow was another deity for the Incas like the Sun and the Moon. It may have given them the touch of peace after a pouring rain (lightning and thunder included) and its beautiful colors might present the sky as a friend instead of an enemy.

Those relaxing colors are now within the flag of Cusco. And from June 1st (til the end of the month), many streets awake with that flag as part of the anniversary of the city that will hold the main event, the Inti Raymi, this 24th.


Did the Incas have a flag?

A few months ago, I attended a lecture where a painting from the XVI century was showed. Some Incas are holding what it looks like a flag but it does not have the rectangular shape as our current flags. It has the shape of a triangle instead and the scholar suggested that this could have been the flag of the Incas.

On the other hand, the same person claimed that there is no evidence that the Incas used the rainbow design.

Rainbow, not Gay

The flag of Cusco has nothing to do with the one of the gay community (pleaseee!!!). Like the rainbow, the flag of this city has 7 colors while the gay flag has only 6 with the indigo or añil color missing.

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