The Inti Raymi is an amazing experience that everyone should have the chance to see every June 24th.

Not only is it the dancers, the colorful costumes and the Inca speaking in Quechua. It actually has to do with the people, local and foreigners, on the other side of the stage.

Even though I am not able to give you the whole experience of this Andean feast; at least these pictures can show you a glimpse of the “behind the scenes” at Inti Raymi.

Early Morning:

Some people, especially from travel agencies, put cords around the benches in front of the Qorikancha or Temple of the Sun in order to “book” these spaces for tourists who have bought the Inti Raymi tour.


Even shoe polishes rent these seats as if they own these public areas. However, this business does not last long.


The police arrive and establish order by removing the cords.


Sea of People:

In spanish we say “un mar de gente”. As time goes by, more and more people gather in order to see the Inca who gives his first speech at the Qorikancha at 9am. Literally, people are over people.


At the second stage, the main square, young people climb the Cathedral as well as the Compañia de Jesus Church in order to get a better view. Here, the dancing starts at 10am.



Even a school of three floors in front of the Qorikancha opens its doors as well as its windows to let people watch the show. The balconies of all the restaurants around the main square are packed with people too (the best spot to see the Inca who leave the main square at 11am).


Between Work and Pleasure:

While thousands of people enjoy the dancing, there are also the ones who work. In the next picture, one of the reporter is wearing an Andean attire.


Police are everywhere. Some of them do not even get to see the show while others take pictures and get a quick glimpse.




Everyone wants pictures

Taking pictures is really an issue in this crowded event. When you are about to take one of your best shots, suddenly someone like a policeman or another photographer crosses your way.




Let us move from the behind the scenes Inti Raymi to the theatrical perfomance at the forefront…in a future post.

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