Daniel Cisneros Caceres

The images of Daniel Cisneros Cáceres, another photographer as talented as Martin Chambi, show Cusco of the 1930´s. The exhibit is held at the Galeria Museo del Banco de la Nación til July 26 and then from August 9 to 29 at the Centro Cultural ICPNA. This gallery is currently presenting Tradiciones y Costumbres del Cusco by the painter Adolfo Sardón til July 31.


More paintings that depict life in Cusco can be seen at Sala Kuntur (Andina University) by the painter Manuel Gibaja and at the Gallery Aguayo, owned by the painter Efraín Aguayo Revollar who makes the tondos or round paintings.

The Convento de Santo Domingo-Qorikancha is currently presenting 3 exhibitions. One of them is about popular art based on paintings and etchings from 17 Peruvian artists and it goes til August 5. In the San Blas neighborhood, the Ayacucho artist Maximo Laura has recently opened his own museum with a lot of his colorful tapestries made of alpaca wool. In that area, on Suyt´uqhatu street, there are also colonial-style glazed ceramics at the Galeria Museo Tater Vera.


You can also find contemporary art at the Gallery Primitiva, in front of Tater Vera, which showcases the paintings of Federico Coscio. In addition to this, there is also the Fractal Dragon and the Contemporary Art Museum (the entrance for the latter is with the BTG though).

The Argentian painter Martha Chiarlo is displaying her Tardes en Cabalango at the Sala Mariano Fuentes Lira til July 17 while at the Sala del Scotiabank you can see photos of the people from Santa Teresa (near Machu Picchu). The Sala Blanco y Negro of the Alliance Française as well as the San Bernardo Chapel are about to open new exhibitions soon.

art gallery cusco

There are other stores that look like art galleries but the ones listed here are true art galleries. Below is the map to help you reach these places:

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