The trek Cusco Yuncaypata takes me today 30 minutes less than yesterday. The silence of the town is broken by some kids who are playing with pigs on the unpaved street full of mud. After trying unsuccessfully to find the main square, I leave Yuncaypata heading to the Pass of Ccorao which seems to be near, but you never know in the mountains.

The two sides of hiking in Cusco:
On my way up, I see a lot of garbage, a green sign thrown on the ground, and then a group of bikers going down to who knows where.

yuncaypata ccorao (1)
biker going down from Ccorao Pass

Unlike most of the time, my guess is correct now: the pass is only 25 minutes away from Yuncaypata. The first view is not pleasant at all: there is a sign that has been destroyed and I do not understand why people do such a thing. Then you see the valley of Cusco to your right.

yuncaypata ccorao (2)
first view as you reach the Ccorao Pass
yuncaypata ccorao (3)
a view from the Ccorao Pass

You may be walking along an Inca trail:
After contemplating such a great view, it is time to cross the highway Cusco Pisaq and reach first the mountain to the left (I would never recommend to walk along the highway). The trail down to Ccorao, which seems to have been used since pre hispanic times, is so clearly marked and wide that it is visible from far away.

yuncaypata ccorao (4)
some friends on my way to Ccorao

The entrance to the town of Ccorao, which is located at the km 19, is preceded by farms alongside the trail and you also have the view of a tall mountain just in front. Then the only way to walk is along the highway until you spot one street to the right of the highway that leads to the quiet and totally paved main square with its white church at one corner.

yuncaypata ccorao (5)
church of Ccorao

And remember this: in case you see this sign (next picture), it means chicha de jora is for sale in this house. Remember that and enjoy that Andean beverage. By the way, this town has three or four basic restaurants and a couple of handicrafts markets where the tourist buses stop. In one of these restaurants, someone told me of a couple of points of interest which I will check them soon!!!

Pisaq is closer and closer!!!

yuncaypata ccorao (6)
chicha de jora here, please!!!

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