A different view of Pisaq

Today, July 16th, is the main day of the Festivity of the Virgen del Carmen in Pisaq as well as in other cities of Cusco like Paucartambo, Checacupe and Huarocondo.

Actually, the feast goes from the 15th to the 18th. One remarkable thing, in addition to the devotion, the food (it seems the main dish is pig as you can see in the picture below), and beer galore, is to see a different view of Pisaq. During the four days the main square and some streets in Pisaq are without handicraft stands so you can admire the beautiful pisonay tree and the quietness of this city in the Sacred Valley.

See these rare photographs of Pisaq:


ancient pisonay tree in Pisaq


a different view of main square in Pisaq


Pisaq during the festivity of Virgen del Carmen


street of Pisaq without stands


a street of Pisaq during the festivity of Virgen de Carmen


the usual streets in Pisaq, full of handicraft stands


pig is part of the feast of Virgen del Carmen in Pisaq

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2 Responses to A different view of Pisaq

  1. Tienes hasta mañana 18 para ir a Pisaq y celebrar de paso la Festividad de la Virgen del Carmen.

    Y gracias por chequear mi post!!!

  2. julio says:

    Lástima no haber podido estar allí.

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