near the Ccochahuasi zoo

The hike to Pisaq continues.

After visiting the town of Ccorao and the archaeological site of Qolqaraqay, I follow the unpaved road that makes a circle and leads back to the same highway Cusco Pisaq where I was a few hours ago.

I am standing along the highway looking to the East.

The valley of the river Qesermayo, to the left, is still wide as you go by the handicraft market of Intihuatana first and then the town of Rayanniyoc at the Km 21, but just one kilometer away it narrows drastically. It is basically the highway, the river and the mountains at both sides so it is a little bit frightening and dangerous to do this stretch on foot.

However, on this km 22 you will find the first surprise of the route.

The Ccochahuasi zoo protects animals in danger and the main attraction is the condor that will literally flies over your head. The second attraction appears one kilometer further. Awanakancha is a place where you can see not only llamas, but also vicuñas, alpacas and local women weaving colorful textiles.

watch out, they spit!!!
Awanakancha is located at km 23 from Cusco to Pisaq

Here, in Awanakancha, I am told that the way up to Pisaq is pretty much along the highway so I am considering whether or not to keep on walking, but it is just 8 kilometers that I would love to hike.

Do you think I should continue even though it would be dangerous to do it along the highway?

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