movie theaters in cuscoWe do not have any movie theater in Cusco.

That means: no multi-plex cinemas, no stadium reclining seats, no pop-corn, not even trailer posters announcing future films.

We have, however, something better: cine clubs!!!

That means: simple room with flat floor, simple chairs, and even a wall working as a screen. But they are free (you have to leave a tip at the end at some of them) and, best of all, they show great movies; most of them independent movies.

The good old days:

You can still see the remains of old single-room movie theaters around the historical center, i.e, on Calle Meloc and Calle Maruri but unfortunately they serve currently as huge garbage bins. Other movie theaters turned out to be churches or supermarkets.

Show must go on:

Eventually, cine clubs or microcines replaced old movie theaters here in Cusco. These are near the main square:

Asociacion Cultural Peruano Alemana Acupari:
Calle San Agustin 307.
This is a school that teaches German and one of their cultural activities is to show german movies on Wednesdays. The time could be 5pm or 7 pm something so check in advance.

Microcine Legaña de Perro – Biblioteca Pukllasunchis:
Calle Awaqpinta 563.
The show is on Fridays at 6:45 pm. Conversation at the end and tips are expected.

Casa de la Cultura Dr. David Juan Ferriz Olivares:
Calle Carmen Alto 150 – 105, San Blas.
This is a center of philosophical studies that show documentaries every Friday at 7 pm. Then there is a conversation in Spanish about the movie.

These are located a few minutes outside the historical center:

Cineclub Alliance Française:
Avenida de la Cultura 804.
This French school not only shows movies in that language but in English and Spanish as well every Thursday at 7:30 pm.

Microcine Cinemark´a – Casa Cultural Sipas Wayna Pukllasunchis:
Urbanizacion Progreso, Jiron Sicuani H-2, Wanchaq.
The good thing about this place is that they show movies for children at 4pm and then for adults at 6pm. The downside is that it is only the third Saturday of each month.

Goliath is coming:

There were other places that used to show movies such as the handicraft store Yea Yea Maracuyea on Tecsecocha street, the restaurant Kukuli on Huaynapata street and the cultural center Qosqo Wasinchis which was first located on Calle Nueva Alta and now is on San Agustin street but they no longer shows films.

Other microcines that we are missing these days are Kushka Tikarisunchis, Tukuy Rikuy and Riqchari that is about to get a new address but in the meantime they show movies at the national university randomly.

However, a modern mall is under construction on the Avenida de la Cultura and a multi-plex cinema will be part of the attractions. Let us hope that this new cinema, which will open its doors in october, does not affect our cine clubs. It seems to be a Goliath vs David fight, though!!!

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