The offering or “pago” to the Mother Earth or Pachamama was held today, August 1st, near Sacsayhuaman.

Festivals in Cusco

Dozens of people, locals as well as tourists, brought different things to the esplanade at the back of the White Christ, beside the archaeological site of Sacsayhuaman.

pachamama festival cusco
People leave their offerings for Pachamama

The Andean priests arranged everything such as bottles of wine, chicha de jora, beers, sodas, fruits, food, candies, cookies, flowers and coca leaves before starting the ceremony to worship our Mother Earth.

festivals in cusco august
a close up of the offerings for Pachamama

Little by little, the priests, some of them from the ancient community of Qero, put the different things in a hole trimmed with floripondios or lilies of the valley. The air was full of the smell of ruda (Ruta graveolens), incense and the smoke from a fire lit for the ritual. In addition, musicians played drums, flutes and the traditional pututos.

festivities in cusco august
a priest from Qero spills chicha de jora for Pachamama
cusco festivals
Coca leaves are important in any ritual
festivities in cusco
Choosing the best coca leaves for the ceremony

Today, August 1st, is regarded as the beginning of a new year for agriculture in the Andean culture. As a tradition, local people put yellow paper known as mistura at the entrance of their homes in order to get luck.

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cusco festivals pachamama
Floripondio flower or lily of the valley