cusco square
A nice place to read a book, Plaza Regocijo.

In a few days it is going to be two months since I have not updated my dear blog. My two passions, writing and traveling, are still alive, however. I have been writing for others, you know, there are bills to pay, even though I do not consider that an excuse to go away from my own blog. The same story happened last year when I was so busy working (thanks God!!!) that I was not able to update my blog nearly one year.

Like back then, now I am here again. I am pretty sure that I would take “vacations” from my blog again, but I am convinced that I will be back again no matter how long it could take. Writing is such beautiful experience that no matter what you would keep on doing it. Lately, I have been downloading some of my pictures for a contest of tourism, pictures that you can see here. Please, feel free to see them and share them if you like.

In regards to traveling, I have not stopped. I  confess, nonetheless, that I have not made long trips. They are mostly half-day hikes around the city of Cusco and a few visits to other towns. I remember visiting Chincheros for a handicraft fair and Lucre for trout and desserts. My last long hike was to the amazing Choquequirao and from there I continued on the way to Machu Picchu even though I did not reach that archaeological site. Exhausting 7 days that sooner or later I will write something about it.

.com or .org?
Now I am at the Plaza Regocijo with Cody Lundin´s When All Hell Breaks Loose book. The sun is strong now and I am trying to read but some shades cross in front of me hitting my book continuously. These shades are street vendors that offer paintings, jewelry, souvenirs and so on. None of them talk to me or even look at me; they always come over a white couple who sit next to me. When they talk I realize they are German. I also hear the couple saying “no, thank you…no, thank you” many times. I feel myself invisible for the street vendors which in this case I really like.

I think, strangely enough, I do not want to be invisible online, so to speak. And I am really lucky because my blog gains visits steadily even when I do not write. I would say “even better”. Last month, September, it was my best month ever in regards to visits. I even surpassed the month I was “Freshly Press” last year for a post about my beloved Lima.

So now I am thinking: should I have my own domain and move from .com to .org so my blog could have some banners or ads?

The only thing I am completely sure is that I want to keep on traveling and writing, promoting the attractions of my country. In the meantime, I continue reading my book.

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