I am at the main square of Cusco and suddenly it starts pouring down. While everyone runs away to get shelter under the arcades, I put on my rain jacket and stay in the middle of the plaza feeling the rain. This true story happened many years ago when I was just a tourist in Cusco. Coming from Lima, a city where we only know drizzle during June to August, I was happy under the rain.

rain in cusco

rain in cusco

When I stop remembering that amazing moment, I am still standing under the arcade in front of the main square. Like other dozen people beside me, I can not go anywhere now due to a heavy rain that caught us over there. A few minutes before, the weather had changed from cloudy to a strong and shining sun. It promised to be a lovely evening.

However, it changed again in less than one hour. A huge and gray cloud darkened the city and big drops started falling. The pouring was about to begin. And I am pretty sure that it has been the longest and heaviest so far. It lasted nearly three hours and the streets turned into brown rivers. The huayno festival and the procession of the Lord of Miracle, both at the main square, were cancelled or delayed. The artistic fair DEARTE held at the Plazoleta Espinar is gone too.

rain in cusco

After two hours at the arcade, I was getting freeze like other people who were still waiting here. My clothing was not warm enough since I left my apartment under a strong sun. On the other hard, and ironically, my waterproof coat was in my wardrobe. I decided to come back home even though it was still raining. Six blocks later, I was home sweet home but soaking wet.

rain in cusco

The most strange thing is that this is happening in October, a month which still belongs to the dried season. And this is not the first rain during this month; it has been raining frequently lately, nearly everyday.

Sometimes I would like to come back in time and be that tourist in Cusco who was eager to walk under the rain and feel happy about it. And, of course, I would like to be singing in the rain…at least until the policeman shows up!!!

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