Choquequirao is a huge archaeological site and some scholars dare to say that it is even larger than Machu Picchu. The point is that Choquequirao is still under excavation and there are still some spots covered by vegetation. This is clear as soon as you go by the Marampata lookout and get to an area called Sunchupata, just in front of the site, and you can see as if the very steep Choquequirao mountain were divided into sections of Incan buildings separated by the dense forest. And at the back of all this, there is still another section: the terraces that have llama figures.

If you really want to sightsee the different sections of this amazing site throughly, I would say that you need about 8 hours, roughly. Whether you sleep at Sunchupata or at the real campsite, closer to Choquequirao, the night before you visit the site; eventually you will have to camp again one more night before coming back to Cachora or continuing to Pinchaunuyoq site on your way to Machu Picchu.

I really hope that those times when some travel agencies offered this site as a 2 or 3 hour walk and then come back to Cachora are gone. Imagine hiking two days to Choquequirao to see just one section and not even completed. That section comprises the Main Plaza and the Usnu, an Incan ritual structure, and others at the same altitude level though separated by the vegetation.

Join me in the next post to explore deeper this amazing yet still remote site. And this is for the real hikers: take advantage that the only way still to get to this site is by walking. Authorities are planning to build a cable car this or next year 2014 – 2015.

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