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What to do in the city of Iquitos?

This Amazon city has three museums that you may want to visit. It seems that they are the only museums in the city and two of them are brand-new.

Museo Iquitos:

It just opened March 1st 2014. It presents the 150-year history of Iquitos since it was founded in January 5th, 1864, due to the rubber boom era (up to 1920). It also shows a contemporary art collection of paintings and sculptures, local flora and fauna, information about native communities as well as the relationship with Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil.

It is located at the Parque Zonal (City Park), 12th block of Yavari street.

How to get there: By motorcar the price is S/3.00

Entrance fee: Free

Amazonian Indigenous Cultures Museum (AICM):

This museum opened December 2013. It displays utensils, clothing, ritual objects, musical instruments, daily life and traditions from 40 indigenous peoples and tribes along the Amazon of Brazil, Colombia and Peru such as Yahuas, Boras, Omaguas, among others.

It is located on Malecón Tarapaca 332 (on the banks of the river Itaya).

Hours: Daily 8am to 8pm

Entrance fee: S/20.00

iquitos museum

Museo Amazónico:

It is part of the Ministry of Culture facility located on Malecón Tarapaca 386 just a few doors from the AICM. There are some bronze figures of indigenous Amazon people and a courtyard with a water fountain with beautiful tiles.

By the time of visit (February 28th, 2014), there was a temporary exhibition: Pictures from the Rubber Era, a collection of black and white pictures taken in 1912. The rubber era was a boom for some and a disaster for the indigenous people who were treated as slaves and also slaughtered. One board tells the story of the rebellion in 1917 of the Curay and Sogaima Huitoto peoples against the abuse of the rubber chiefs. The Huitoto fought for freedom but eventually surrendered when the chiefs threw oil and put everything under fire.

This exhibition will continue at the Colegio Nacional de Iquitos (Iquitos National School) from March 17th to April 7th. See ad below.

museum iquitos
museum iquitos
Past and Future:

I can not help remembering the old Regional Museum on the first block of Tavara West street, near to the banks of the river. Now this place houses the Alliance Française school.

For more about my remembrances of Iquitos, check:

It is said that a new National Amazon Museum will be opened by 2016 near the Quistococha zoo. This may be a good reason to come back to Iquitos someday.

iquitos museum
Helpful Information:

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Last but not least, here is the map for an easy and fast direction to the museums in Iquitos:

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