The Iron House is by far the most iconic architectural attraction in Iquitos. It is present in all guide books and touristic brochures in addition to the other city sites such as the main square and its church, the Malecón Tarapacá and Belén Market. The Iron House, which is located on the first block of the Próspero street just in front of the main square, represents the splendor and horror that Iquitos lived through the rubber boom between 1880 and 1920.

The Iron House and the Casa Pinasco:

iquitos iron house
Far right: Iron House. Left: Casa Pinasco.

The city of Iquitos, however, has other beautiful mansions and houses from that era that still survive. If you are an architecture lover, you may take even more than one day to explore, find and admire this beauty. Actually, I needed nearly two days to take all these pictures about architecture in Iquitos.

The Two Morey Mansions:

If you ask for the Morey Mansion, most people will send you to the corner of Próspero street and Brazil street. Some will send you to Plaza Ramón Castilla at the end of Raymondi street where there is a hotel with the same name.

Morey Mansion, corner of Prospero street and Brazil.
Morey hotel at Plaza Ramon Castilla.

Ex Hotel Palace or Casa Vela:

Ex Hotel Palace, corner Malecón Tarapaca and Putumayo street.

Casa Cohen:

Casa Cohen, corner Prospero street and Morona.

Logia Masónica:

Logia Masonica.

Seminario San Agustin:

San Agustin Seminar at the Malecon Tarapaca

Other beautiful mansions and houses that unfortunately yet honestly, I was not able to get their names because of lack of information or because nobody knows their names nowadays (but at least I wrote the address so you can admire them anyway).

Nauta street, first block near the Malecon Tarapaca.
Corner Huallaga street and Brazil.
342 Brazil street, beautiful small houses typical of old Iquitos.
Loreto street, just in front of Morey Hotel.
Corner Prospero fifth block and Ricardo Palma.
Corner Prospero sixth block and Ricardo Palma.

In case you know the names of these last mansions, I would appreciate your help. Definitely, there are more colonial houses and mansions like these around the historical center of this Amazonian city.

Iquitos is a city that is also changing to the so-called modernity and now it has much more stores, motor cars and pollution than 15 years ago so most of these beautiful mansions and houses face the risk of being destroyed or even disappeared. Most of them have been declared Cultural Heritage and in that case there is a small plaque at the entrance like this:

iquitos architecture

The young generation of Iquitos may not know or remember this city as it was in its splendor days. For me it is a little sad because I used to admire that splendor during my teenage years.

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